How To Prepare For Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants are a perfect solution for patients around Pearland, TX who are missing teeth. An implant replaces your natural tooth and root structure with a new crown and implant anchor that integrates with your jaw bone, preserving the bone and protecting other teeth while restoring your smile. You can request help from our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Pearland, TX if you’re looking for dental implants that will protect your smile.

Our team approach at Made Ya Smile will help you through the entire surgical process. We’ll also assist you in preparing for dental implant surgery by guiding you through what you need to do beforehand. Here’s a look at what you should be doing before the surgical procedure.

Start with a thorough exam

Our dentists can start with a comprehensive dental exam to determine how well implants can affect your smile. We’ll review your gums and jaw bone with a digital scan of your smile and a dental x-ray to see if the implant will be supported. A healthy jaw bone is critical to the success of your implant, as a sturdy structure is necessary for supporting the implant anchor.

Determine if any further treatments are needed first

Some other treatments may also be required before your procedure at Made Ya Smile Pearland. A bone graft may be necessary in cases where your structure requires further reinforcement, plus any impacted teeth in the jaw will need to be removed beforehand.

The dental implant process can resume after your jaw heals. It could take weeks or months for the jaw to recover, but the recovery time is necessary for ensuring the implant will stay safe.

Prepare the body

You can then prepare your body for dental implant surgery after we determine where the implants can go. You may need to adjust your medication schedule if you take any medications that might interact with dental anesthetics or could harm your recovery process. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Pearland can check your current situation and determine a suitable temporary plan for whatever drugs you take.

You may also require an antibiotics course before the surgery, as antibiotics can kill bacteria that might harm your implant. Antibiotics operate as a substitute for your natural immune system and will protect your other teeth and gums from harm during the process. Be sure you complete the entire antibiotics course before the procedure, especially if you have a chronic condition.

You must also fast for at least twelve hours before the procedure. Fasting is necessary for reducing the risk of any uptake.

Plan your downtime

Don’t forget to prepare for the necessary downtime after your procedure. Be sure to schedule about two to three days off of your routine to help you recover well from the initial process.

Contact us today to find out how a dental implant can fix your smile

You will appreciate how healthy and beautiful your smile will appear when you ask us at Made Ya Smile of Pearland for help in receiving a dental implant. Our team approach to handling dental implants will ensure you receive the best possible help for your smile. Contact us online to learn more about dental implants and other restorative dental procedures.

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