How to Prevent a Broken Tooth From Getting Infected

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A broken tooth will require immediate care to prevent further harm, as the tooth could have an opening where bacteria and plaque could enter. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Pearland, TX are skilled and available to provide emergency dental care to protect your smile and reduce the risk of your tooth becoming infected.

Our emergency care services include many solutions to help protect a broken tooth, such as providing bonding, filling for a tooth, or a bridge over the surface of a crown. We’ll complete a digital x-ray or three-dimensional impression of your smile to review what treatment is necessary for your broken tooth.

You’ll need to also do a few things to prevent a broken tooth from becoming infected before we can serve your needs. Here are a few steps to protect your tooth and prevent infection.

Keep the tooth clean

Be sure you keep your tooth clean to prevent an infection, as excess bacteria and plaque can enter the opening and infect the tissue. Brushing and flossing are critical for preventing further harm, but a saltwater rinse can also help. You can rinse your mouth for about thirty seconds a few times during the day to rinse out the tissue.

Try to avoid using the broken tooth

You must also avoid applying excess stress to your broken tooth to keep the break from becoming worse. You can chew on the other side of your mouth, or you could eat softer foods that won’t require much effort to chew. Be sure to also contact us at Made Ya Smile of Pearland as soon as possible to help treat the condition so you can get back to your normal oral habits.

Avoid teeth grinding while sleeping

You should also take measures to protect your tooth while asleep, as a crack can become worse if you grind your teeth while sleeping. Many people who grind their teeth aren’t aware they are doing so while sleeping. You can use a mouth guard to protect your teeth and prevent them from moving about or experiencing excess stress while asleep.

Keep protecting your tooth to prevent an infection

These measures will help you prevent an infection in a broken tooth before visiting us at Made Ya Smile for help. But be sure to keep following these steps even if your tooth feels fine. You might not feel discomfort or irritation in the tooth, but it could take months for a dental abscess to form around the tooth. The abscess will cause more intense pain and spread to other tissues around your mouth if not treated soon enough.

Contact our dentists in Pearland, TX for help with your broken tooth

You’ll require immediate care for your broken tooth to prevent an infection. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Pearland will help you fix your tooth and get you back to your routine. We are a one-stop family dentistry practice that uses the most advanced dental technologies to help resolve broken teeth and many restorative dental concerns. You can contact us online today to schedule an appointment for a visit.

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