Complications a Dentist May Look for During a Thorough Oral Exam

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Regular dental health screenings are a vital component of maintaining excellent oral health and detecting hidden concerns before they escalate. At Made Ya Smile Pearland, TX, our Pearland, TX staff of dental experts recommends regular exams to look for any existing conditions and puts together an effective treatment program for your greatest future outcomes. It is our mission to boost the oral health of people of all ages by identifying signs of decay, gum disease, and cancer. Find out more regarding what occurs at an annual dental exam, as well as the concerns your dentist looks for.

Digital x-rays can be taken to diagnose underlying diseases

Usually done at the beginning of a dental exam, 3D x-rays provide a more detailed scan of your enamel, gumline, and jawbone. Our Pearland, TX staff critically assesses the x-rays to look for hidden tooth decay, wisdom teeth eruption, or any more issues with the gumline or surrounding structures. Often, x-rays are offered no less than once a year at your regular oral exams at Made Ya Smile Pearland, TX. Individuals who are expecting need to let someone on our dental staff know before getting x-rays taken so that certain precautions could be taken.

Early onset cavity diagnosis is critical to improve your dental wellness

Often thought of as a commonly occurring oral issue, tooth decay can lead to the need for an endodontic therapy (root canal) when not addressed early. During your dental exam at our Pearland, TX practice, one of our skilled dental care practitioners will thoroughly assess your teeth to look for any regions of deterioration. In a few cases, innovative technology may be used for more efficient tooth decay identification. If tooth decay is detected, our dentist might offer tooth-colored fillings to protect your tooth from further decay.

Get a detailed dental cancer screening

Also performed during your dental exam, an oral cancer screening lets your dental practitioner identify regions of affected tissue. Often, a comprehensive assessment is performed to get a look at your gums, tongue, and top of your mouth. If needed, extra diagnostics may be carried out to assess the condition of those areas. A biopsy could be needed to identify any irregularities and determine if cancer cells are present. If needed, our qualified dental care staff will create a treatment plan to help maintain oral health.

Take good care of your teeth and book a dental examination

To enhance the complete health and appearance of your teeth, dental exams must be regularly performed no less than once each year. In the event that a condition is fixed soon, it might lower you requiring invasive solutions as time passes. Our staff at Made Ya Smile Pearland, TX is excited to perform annual dental exams for people of many age ranges. Call our Pearland, TX facility to discover more information or to schedule your initial dental evaluation with our knowledgeable oral care professionals.

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