What Type of Meals Can I Eat Following an Oral Extraction?

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eating after dental extraction

Having a tooth extraction might be suggested if you are experiencing significant oral pain. Whether your teeth are crowded or an ingrown tooth is hurting your oral wellness, you may have to remove the tooth to protect the rest. Our professionals at Made Ya Smile Pearland, TX in Pearland, TX can keep you comfortable during the dental extraction treatment.

One specific question we get often about a dental removal is about the different food options patients may have after your operation. The food you can eat will be determined by the time that has passed since the procedure. The reason for restricting your diet is because the extraction site must clot to cease bleeding. This prevents the area from being infected. The clot that has filled in the area calls for safeguarding to keep your healing easy.

What happens during the first day?

You are advised to consume liquids and smooth foods during the first day following the procedure. Make sure your meals are low in acidity and heat so you don’t harm the area. Steer clear of using any straws; the act of suctioning could loosen the clot and result in a problem referred to as dry socket. Patients could place a cold compress over the outside skin near the mouth, but don't put it directly on top of the extraction location in the mouth.

What happens during the first week?

You may change to more foods as your healing continues. Though, you still should opt for gentle and cool foods if it's possible. Blended fruits and veggies, soups and broths, and pancakes are among the most common foods to enjoy right about now. Be sure to chew your food on the other end of the mouth away from the extraction location to minimize the odds of impacting the clot.

What to expect after the first week

It will be better for you to move on to various hard foods around seven days after the dental removal. You may have foods that are a little more acidic and hotter at this point. Make sure you’re being gentle when eating and that you eat on the other side of your mouth.

Things you should abstain from following a tooth removal

Our talented staff at Made Ya Smile Pearland, TX advises patients to not eat particular foods throughout the first week after the extraction. Avoid foods that are high temperature or rough enough to damage the removal site. You should also cease alcohol drinking while being prescribed medications since this might negatively impact the way the medication works. You will probably be fully healed from the extraction in around 2 – 3 weeks, after which you may resume your typical diet.

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