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While traditional metal braces have come a long way in recent years, the field of orthodontics has advanced to the point of no longer needing to rely on brackets, elastics, and archwires. Staying ahead of the curve of the latest in dental innovations, Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX is pleased to offer Invisalign to teen and adult patients alike. Crafted with a thin, clear material, this system gradually maneuvers the teeth through a series of trays until they have achieved their ideal alignment. This treatment has become increasingly more sought-out because of the ease of use. With Invisalign, you will not need to brush and floss around wires and brackets. You also won't have as many restrictions as patients who receive traditional braces. This system can be used to treat common issues, such as overcrowded teeth, a misaligned bite, and gapped teeth. If you'd like a straighter, healthier smile without the hassles that come with traditional metal braces, consider contacting our Pearland, TX office and ask about Invisalign.

Invisalign Teen®

Made Ya Smile is pleased to offer patients and their families access to the latest and greatest treatments, including Invisalign Teen. This clear aligner system geared toward teenagers is compromised of a series of clear trays with blue indicator dots to let our orthodontist know if your teen has been wearing their aligners as they should. Some teens may not want to deal with the struggle or appearance of traditional metal braces, so Invisalign can be a good alternative. This ortho treatment will allow them to gradually straighten their smile without the hassle that comes with metal braces. Invisalign Teen was also designed to hold your teen accountable and help them keep their treatment on track.

Best Candidates

Invisalign may be a good option for adults or teens alike who desire a straighter and more beautiful smile but don't like the look or hassle that comes with metal braces. Invisalign is an orthodontic system composed of clear trays, so hardly anybody will realize that you're even receiving treatment. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are clear, comfortable, removable, and easy to keep clean. This ortho treatment system can address a range of concerns, such as:

  • An overbite, underbite, or crossbite
  • Overcrowded, crooked, or slightly rotated teeth
  • Gaps and spaces between the teeth
  • Protruding teeth

The alignment of your teeth and jaw can be affected by numerous factors, like genetics, parafunctional habits (like thumb-sucking), past mouth or facial traumas, missing teeth, and developmental factors. In order to determine if Invisalign is right for your unique situation, one of our experienced orthodontists will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jaw. From there, we will be able to let you know if Invisalign or another orthodontic option can be utilized to improve the health, wellness, and beauty of your smile.

What To Expect

To determine if Invisalign is right for you or your teen, one of our orthodontists will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth, including the teeth, gums, and jaw. During your visit, we will take digital x-rays of the mouth as well as a 3D cone-beam scan of your skull for an overall assessment of your oral health. If it's decided that Invisalign can be used to treat your concerns, we will have your custom trays created with the scans and impressions of your teeth. Once your aligners arrive at our office, we will call you in for a fitting to ensure that the wear is comfortable and secure. Each aligner should be worn for around 20 – 22 hours every day over a period of two weeks, at which point you will switch aligners for the next set in the treatment program. We will schedule your follow-up visits every 4 – 6 weeks so your progress can be monitored. Typically, patients who receive treatment with Invisalign reach their final results in about one year, but this can vary.


Once the active phase of your orthodontic treatment has concluded, the retention phase will begin. During this time, we will take impressions of your newly positioned teeth and have a retainer crafted from the scans. This retainer will need to be worn for some time until your jaw has stabilized and adjusted to your newly aligned teeth. A member of our team will go over proper care instructions for your retainer and give you information about how to wear and store the appliance. It's important that you follow our orthodontist's advice so your teeth can stay straight, healthy, and beautiful for years to come. You should continue to maintain a good oral health routine to keep your mouth in good condition. Attending your annual exams and bi-annual cleanings will give us a chance to monitor your teeth and bite alignment.

Insurance Coverage

Our team at Made Ya Smile believes that dental care should be accessible and affordable for every patient, which is why we work one-on-one with you to ensure that you get the most out of your care at as little cost to you. We will make a claim to your insurance provider and ascertain your coverage. If you do not have insurance, or if you have any out-of-pocket costs, our Pearland, TX office accepts a range of payments, including medical financing through CareCredit® and our own in-office program.

Clear Aligner orthodontics

Don't be afraid to seek the orthodontic care you and your family want and need. At Made Ya Smile, we proudly offer the latest and greatest in modern dental treatments, including Invisalign for adult and teen patients. Even if you're older, it's never too late to achieve a straighter, more healthy smile. If you're curious about Invisalign and want to know if this advanced system can improve your oral concerns, contact our Pearland, TX office and speak to a member of our knowledgeable team today.

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