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Teeth whitening is a quick and simple cosmetic dental treatment that can dramatically enhance the way you feel about your smile. Over time, it's normal to experience a yellowing or staining of the teeth, but it is not often a look that most people desire. Consuming certain foods and beverages, such as tea, coffee, berries, and tobacco products can create a dull, discolored look to the teeth. At Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX, we offer advanced in-office teeth whitening with the innovative Zoom! whitening system. Using this effective laser, we can whiten and brighten your teeth by several shades in just one quick visit to our practice. If you're looking for a simple yet wonderful way to enhance your smile and self-confidence, contact our office to learn more about Zoom! teeth whitening and your options to achieve a more attractive smile.

Best Candidates

At our Pearland, TX office, in-office teeth whitening with Zoom! effectively lifts stains and discoloration from the enamel of the teeth to produce a whiter, more beautiful smile. This treatment can be effective for adults and teens alike either as a service on its own or along with other dental procedures. Some teens could benefit from teeth whitening after orthodontics to ensure that the color of their smile is uniform throughout, while adults could gain from this treatment if they have discoloring caused by:

  • Tea, coffee, wine, or certain foods (such as berries)
  • Dull or yellowed teeth as a result of aging
  • Discoloration from certain medications or following an illness
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Fluorosis
  • Tobacco products, such as smoking

Zoom! laser whitening treatments are a quick, convenient, and simple way to create a smile you can be proud of. Although many can benefit from this procedure, it may not be ideal for women or men who have crowns, veneers, bridges, fillings, or other restorations that conceal the natural tooth. Before we develop your personalized teeth whitening treatment plan, we will first understand if your mouth is healthy enough for teeth whitening. Once we have assessed the condition of your teeth and gums, one of our skilled dentists will work with you to determine your goals and work towards the smile shade you want.

What to Expect

Your teeth whitening treatment will take place in one quick session at our office. If you have a strong gag reflex or anxieties in dental situations, we can discuss your options for mild sedation before we begin the treatment. Before we whiten your teeth, a member of our team will perform prophylaxis teeth cleaning to remove any tartar, plaque, or debris from the surface of your enamel to ensure an even application of the product. A barrier will then be placed to protect your gums and soft tissues from the material, and we will place glasses over your eyes to block them from the laser. Once your mouth has been sufficiently prepared, a prescription-strength whitening solution will be administered throughout the teeth. We will then use our Zoom! laser to activate the solution, which will then remove the stains from your enamel. This process will be repeated a few times in periods of 15 minutes, depending on the starting shade of your teeth and your end goals. 


Once your treatment is complete, a member of our team will go over aftercare instructions with you so your results can last a long time. You may experience sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures for several days after your teeth whitening treatment, but this will resolve on its own. After you have your teeth professionally whitened, it's advised to avoid consuming foods and beverages that could potentially stain the teeth once more. You should also not consume tea, soda, red wine, or tobacco products for at least two days after your treatment. It will be important to continue to maintain a good at-home oral care routine that includes daily brushing and flossing. During your twice-yearly appointments at our Pearland, TX office, we will monitor the condition of your teeth and let you know if a touch-up treatment may be needed. Some patients may opt for home teeth whitening treatments to refresh their results on their own time.

Insurance Coverage

For the most part, teeth whitening with a laser is not covered by insurance because it is an elective cosmetic treatment. We will let you know about the costs for this service upfront to help you make a decision. Our office accepts a multitude of payment options, and we are even proud to offer patients access to our in-house medical financing. We also accept financing plans through CareCredit®.

Your whitening solutions

Give yourself the edge you deserve by achieving a whiter, brighter smile with in-office laser teeth whitening. Using the Zoom! whitening system, this treatment is incredibly popular among our Pearland, TX patients and can benefit men, women, and teens at various stages of tooth discoloration or yellowing. If you'd like to improve your confidence and gain a smile you can be proud of, contact Made Ya Smile and learn about your many options for teeth whitening with innovative Zoom! laser technology.

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