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What Are Lumineers?

Considered the current gold standard of modern veneers treatments, Lumineers are ultra-thin shells that measure about 0.2mm in thickness and require little to no prep. Lumineers are like traditional porcelain veneers in that they are able to cover up a range of cosmetic dental flaws. However, this innovative new alternative eliminates the need to remove enamel from the front and the sides of the teeth, which many of our patients appreciate. These durable and long-lasting shells are bonded to the front of your fully in-tact teeth to mask discoloration, stains, gaps, misalignment, and other imperfections and produce a natural, fresh appearance. To learn whether Lumineers or traditional porcelain veneers could be ideal for improving the beauty and brightness of your smile, contact Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX and schedule a consultation with one of our skilled dentists. Our team is proud to be at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry by offering this highly sought-out treatment.

Who Is a Candidate for Lumineers?

If you like the improvements that porcelain veneers can provide but do not want any of your enamel shaved off to create room to hold the restorations, you could consider Lumineers. This cosmetic solution can mask imperfections of the teeth and enhance your smile overall. These thin shells work best to conceal stains, small gaps between teeth, chips, uneven edges, and misshapen teeth. In order to determine if you're a candidate for this new-age treatment, one of our skilled dentists will perform a thorough assessment of your oral health. We will look at your teeth, gums, and jaw to ensure that your dental wellness is in good condition. If you have any problems, such as a cavity or malocclusion, then these will need to be addressed before a personalized treatment plan with Lumineers is developed. Patients who have bruxism (habitual clenching or grinding of the teeth) may not be a good fit for this procedure as clenching and grinding the teeth may damage your Lumineers.

How Do Lumineers Work?

At Made Ya Smile, this cosmetic dental treatment requires little to no prep time and virtually no downtime. During your first visit, a member of our team will take digital impressions of your teeth and have the scans sent to our partnered dental laboratory to craft your custom shells. One of our dentists will help you determine the appropriate size, length, color, and shape of your Lumineers so they suit your smile and look natural. Because we do not remove any enamel in preparation for Lumineers, you will not need to be fitted with temporary restorations as you wait. Your Lumineers will take around two weeks to be crafted, after which they will be sent back to our office. Once they arrive, we will call you in for your fitting, which will take place during a short and comfortable treatment session. The shells are bonded to your teeth, and we will ensure that the fit is comfortable. This simple procedure can produce gorgeous results that last for many years.

How Can I Care for My Lumineers?

There is no healing period needed following this procedure. Once your Lumineers have been bonded to your teeth, you will be able to show off a brighter and more beautiful smile. We typically advise patients to avoid biting or chewing on hard objects, including ice, fingernails, and pens. To maintain your oral health and the condition of your restorations, you should follow a good at-home oral care routine that includes daily brushing and flossing. You should also continue to attend your scheduled follow-up appointments at Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX so our team can monitor your results and let you know if your Lumineers need to be repaired or replaced. 

Are Lumineers Covered by Dental Insurance?

Lumineers are not typically covered by most dental plans because it is an elective cosmetic treatment, but a member of our team can get in touch with your provider to ascertain your full benefits. Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX proudly offers patients access to our own in-house medical financing, which comes with no interest. We also accept financing through CareCredit®, as well as a large number of direct payments (such as cash and most major credit cards).

Lumineers Veneers

Do you often find yourself yearning for a more beautiful smile? Do you have several teeth imperfections that you'd like to mask? If so, consider learning more about Lumineers. This revolutionary cosmetic dental treatment is simple in nature but yields gorgeous results that look seamless and natural. Like traditional veneers, Lumineers are thin shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth to conceal discoloration, cracks, gaps, uneven edges, and more. Contact Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX to understand why more patients are seeking this alternative to achieve a more radiant smile.

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