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What Is Bruxism?

Also known as nighttime teeth grinding or clenching, bruxism affects many of our Pearland, TX patients. Although it may be a common disorder among women and men, excessive tooth clenching and grinding can cause a large amount of oral damage and lead to a variety of dental issues. If bruxism is left untreated for a long period of time, this could lead you to require more extensive dental work in the future — this is why you should receive treatment promptly if you may be grinding your teeth at night. Patients who suffer from bruxism may notice cracked or chipped teeth, inflamed gums, jaw pain, recurring headaches, or clicking and popping noises while chewing or opening the mouth (known as TMJ disorder).

Typically, many instances of bruxism can be helped or treated with the use of a night guard. Night guard therapy involves the use of a custom-made dental appliance to prevent the teeth from grinding against each other while you sleep. Often made out of acrylic or other high-quality, medical-grade materials, this appliance is fitted to the top arch for comfortable wear. If you think that you or a family may be experiencing signs of nighttime teeth grinding, please contact Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX so one of our experienced dentists can organize your own individually tailored treatment plan.

What Are the Symptoms of Bruxism?

Although the cause of bruxism has yet to be identified, there are a number of psychological, environmental, medical, and lifestyle factors that could play a role, including genetics, stress, sleeping disorders, excessive gum chewing, and misaligned teeth. If you noticed chipped, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth or dental restorations, jaw pain, gum recession, or oral discomfort, nighttime teeth grinding could be the cause. In order to determine if you are a candidate for bruxism treatment, our dentist will perform a thorough assessment of your teeth, gums, and jaw to look for the telltale signs of the disorder. Typically, patients who have bruxism experience swelling of the face or jaw, damaged teeth or restorations, discomfort in the teeth or jaw, headaches, earaches. and difficulty opening the mouth or chewing.

How Is Bruxism Treated?

If you are diagnosed with bruxism, our team will work with you to design a treatment plan personalized to your needs and concerns. Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX  only uses the most advanced techniques and devices to solve your dental issues. Your appointment will begin with one of our dental assistants taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth. These results will then be sent off to a dental laboratory, where your customized night guard will be crafted with medical-grade materials, such as acrylic. Once your night guard is delivered to our office, we will ask you to come back to the office to ensure that the appliance fit is comfortable and secure.

How Can I Care for My Bruxism Mouth Guard?

After you are fitted with a night guard, it's strongly advised that you wear it as directed by our dentists. This is to prevent you from grinding or clenching your teeth at night, which can bring on many dental issues related to the teeth, gums, and jaw. Once your appliance has been fitted, a member of our team will provide you with instructions for caring, storing, and cleaning your device. Additionally, it is important to continue to attend your yearly dental examinations and twice-yearly cleanings. We will recommend you to bring your appliance to every visit afterward so we can monitor its condition and issue a replacement or make repairs as needed.

Are Night Guards Covered by Insurance?

Depending on the treatment chosen to address your bruxism, some of the costs may be covered with your insurance. Once your personalized treatment plan has been designed, we will go over your total costs and contact your carrier to ascertain your benefits and coverage. We offer patients access to our own in-house medical financing if they have any out-of-pocket costs or don't carry insurance. Additionally, we accept a range of payments and can provide information about third-party financing options, such as CareCredit®.

Protect Your Smile Against Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, also known as nighttime tooth grinding, can cause wear and damage to the teeth, leading to a host of dental issues. Thankfully, Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX offers our patients access to the latest treatments and appliances to combat the effects of this condition. If you think you may be grinding your teeth at night, suffer from tooth or jaw pain, or would like to learn more about the signs and symptoms of bruxism, contact our office and speak to one of our dental care professionals.

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