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What Are Dentures?

Dentures continue to be a widely popular restorative option for patients who need multiple teeth replaced, whether it's several teeth or an entire arch. Dentures are typically removable and can be partial- or full-sized appliances, depending on your unique needs. Removable dentures help our Pearland, TX patients rediscover their confidence and embrace the renewed beauty of their smiles. Additionally, dentures improve the function of the teeth, such as the abilities to talk and chew, which are actions the average person has to perform every day. Our experienced team of dentists at Made Ya Smile has helped countless women and men conquer tooth loss by providing durable and natural-looking removable dentures as an effective restorative solution. While partial denture appliances are designed to fill in gaps that are left by a cluster of missing teeth, a full denture replaces an entire upper or lower arch in which no teeth are remaining. If you would like to eat and speak with ease once more, or if tooth loss has affected your smile and confidence, contact our office to find out if dentures could be the restorative solution for you.

Should I Get Dentures?

Women and men with a cluster of several missing teeth may be great candidates to receive removable dentures. If you have many teeth that are riddled with damage and decay, these can be removed and replaced with a partial or full denture appliance. In order to qualify for this treatment, you should have healthy gum tissue and a healthy jawbone so your restorations can have a solid foundation. If needed or recommended, dentures can be fixed with implants in the jaw. During your consultation, one of our skilled dentists will work with you to determine the best course of action for your treatment. 

How Do Dentures Work?

To start your treatment, a member of our team will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Using these impressions, we can create a temporary denture for you to use while your restorations are being created at our dental laboratory. If you have any teeth pulled before receiving your appliances, then your jaw and gums will need to heal before you can receive your final dentures. Our dental laboratory uses only high-quality, medical-grade materials to craft your restorations, so you can rest assured that your dentures will appear natural. Once your dentures have been created, they will be sent to our office. When you return, your final dentures will be fitted to your mouth to ensure that the wear is comfortable and secure. Once you are satisfied with the fit of your partial or full denture, a member of our team will go over information about cleaning, storing, and maintaining your new appliance.

What Can I Expect After Getting Dentures?

After you have worn your dentures for some time, the fit will begin to feel natural. Eating and speaking will become simply over time as well, and you should notice an improved function thanks to your new teeth. To keep a full denture in place, you may need to use a little bit of denture paste or adhesive. Meanwhile, partial dentures are often held in place with plastic or metal clasps that are secured to neighboring teeth. If you require an adjustment to improve your comfort and fit, please contact our office so we can schedule you in for a follow-up appointment. Just like with your natural teeth, dentures should be cared for by brushing regularly with a mild toothpaste. While your dentures are out of your mouth, they should be soaked in water to prevent them from dying out. During your annual examinations and bi-annual cleanings, our team will continue to monitor the condition of your gums and jaw to ensure that your dentures have a solid foundation. If your appliances need to be replaced or repaired over time, we will let you know. As long as the proper care and maintenance protocols are followed, your dentures should endure for years to come.

Are Dentures Covered by Insurance?

Some of the costs for your personalized denture treatment may be covered by insurance. To determine your coverage, a member of our financial team will get in touch with your insurance provider and file a claim on your behalf. This way, you won't have to worry about filing the claim yourself. Made Ya Smile accepts many options for payment, including cash and most major credit cards. If you have any questions about insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses, or assistance with medical financing, please give our Pearland, TX office a call. We'll be more than happy to help make your dental care as affordable as possible.

Removable Tooth Replacement Options

Conquer tooth loss with customized partial or full removable dentures. At Made Ya Smile in Pearland, TX, our skilled team of dental professionals look forward to helping you achieve your dental goals and stabilize your oral health. When you receive dentures from our office, you can rest assured that the function and appearance of your mouth will be significantly improved. Finally, you'll be able to eat and speak again without a struggle. If you have several missing teeth, or if many of your teeth are damaged and require replacement, contact our office and schedule your one-on-one appointment with one of our leading dentists today.

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